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Butterflies are iconic and symbolic. These amazing transformational insects represent a special meaning to a lot of people.

Butterflies and butterfly designs on t-shirts, hats, mugs, tote bags, sneakers, magnets, stickers, aprons, mouse pads, speakers, and more.

Butterfly Art and Butterfly Frames

Butterfly Art and Butterfly Frames

Butterflies have always been a subject of great interest and admiration to human beings down the centuries. And it’s no wonder too! They are the most beautiful and delicate of all living creatures and their wings are made up of a riot of colors not seen anywhere else in nature. A clear acrylic butterfly frame with one single, gorgeous specimen poised as if in mid-flight is the perfect gift to give a special person on a momentous occasion.

Butterfly Art

Butterflies are so beautiful by themselves; it does not take much else to create a beautiful butterfly art masterpiece using real, colorful, preserved butterflies. Butterfly art takes many forms.

Ethereal butterfly wing jewelry is available in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches. Butterfly display that can be hung on the wall or placed on a table is versatile and its beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. You may find the blue butterfly display with many different-sized blue butterflies artfully arranged, very appealing; while another person may fall in love with the elegant hand-crafted blue butterfly frame that holds just one single specimen.

Different Types of butterfly frames

Advancing technology has also enhanced the way butterflies are preserved and displayed. Older kinds of butterfly frames have become obsolete and are replaced by new ones that not only display the butterfly better, but also use better preservation techniques. The three most commonly used types of butterfly frames include the Riker Mount, the Wooden shadow box and the Clear Acrylic Case.

The Riker Mount is the cheapest and most basic kind of butterfly frame, in which a preserved butterfly is placed in a box, pressed between the glass top and the cotton batting that is stuffed inside. There is no protection against humidity and fungus, leading to deterioration of the specimen in due time.

The Wooden shadow box comprises of a simple box with two wooden sides and glass panels on the front and rear. The wood is used primarily to enhance the appearance of the butterfly frame. However, being dissimilar materials and having different expansion rates, glass and wood cannot be joined to form a sealed environment and the preserved butterflies are still exposed to the ravages of the atmosphere.

Clear Acrylic Cases are the recommended choice of butterfly frames. The preserved butterfly specimen is encased in a three-dimensional frame made of 100% acrylic on all sides.

This provides improved protection from atmospheric conditions, especially humidity, as the acrylic edges can be smoothened down and welded together to form a perfect seal. The sealing process additionally includes injecting a gas that prevents the formation of fungus or mold and also prevents any parasitic larva eggs from hatching and subsequently destroying the butterfly specimen. Clear acrylic cases also offer enhanced viewing as the beauty of the butterfly mounted within, including its underside, can be admired thoroughly.

Butterfly Wing Jewelry

The elegance and ethereal quality of butterfly wing jewelry is almost impossible to resist.

Butterfly wing jewelry is not necessarily butterfly-shaped, but consists of an actual section of butterfly wing that is embedded in a clear enamel resin. You could enter a store dealing only with butterfly wing jewelry and you’d find each piece unique and equally stunning; the colors vibrant and iridescent.

What’s makes butterfly wing jewelry even more appealing is that no butterflies are harmed or killed to make this beautiful jewelry. Butterflies are reared on butterfly farms and the wings are carefully collected from butterflies that have died after approximately 30 days, which is their whole life span.

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