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Butterflies are iconic and symbolic. These amazing transformational insects represent a special meaning to a lot of people.

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Butterfly Gardening

A different way of enjoying life by being with nature is to start with butterfly gardening. It has become one of the very common and the sort after hobbies these days. Have a thought, when a single butterfly flutters around your garden, you become really very excited. What could give more enjoyment when more than hundred butterflies fly taking nectar from the fresh flowers?

There are always certain tricks and especially facts which could certainly be very useful in giving you a wonderful butterfly Ė friendly atmosphere in and around your periphery.

There are thousands of butterfly species known till today and you can check out some of the popular websites or even take up some magazines from your library to study at least a few among them. Then you need to be very keen over for a few days to notice and study those species which are inhabitants of your place. This can be easily done by walking outdoor along with your field expert and carrying out the same for few days.

Start with your butterfly garden in a place where there is enough sunlight for these twittering birds to warm themselves. At the same time, make sure that the chosen place is windy as the butterflies donít wish to extract nectar in a place where they should constantly fight the wind even if the place is sunny to warm them up.

Also decorate your garden with a few flat stones by placing them in the sunny area so that this will allow them to relax for a while. Water is very important for these little creatures and their body needs it just like ours. Therefore, make sure you keep a small bowl filled with sand and enough water to retain moisture in the sand. You can also go for a mud puddle which will certainly be a good addition to welcome them.

An organic garden is a healthy garden and you can find plenty of way to treat your garden with the best available natural ways to stimulate the growth of the plant and also to keep the pests away. So, say no to pesticides.

The caterpillar or the offspring usually feeds on the leaves in which the eggs were laid and the pupa or what is known as the chrysalis is closed and needs a sheltered environment and do not depend on food in anyway. It is seen to be hanging from a twig and is difficult to figure it out as it remains to be camouflaged.

Butterflies usually feed over two plant types. One is that which provide them with enough nectar for the adult ones and the other is that which supply food for the new generation or the off spring which is the host plant. The latter are those selected plants which the butterflies chose to lay eggs and only those leaves which caterpillar eats is selected for egg laying. You will have to make a study of the availability of these two plant types in your area and plant them instead of those exotic varieties in your butterfly garden.

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