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Butterflies are iconic and symbolic. These amazing transformational insects represent a special meaning to a lot of people.

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Butterfly Releases

Butterflies! Yes there will be many a butterflies in the stomachs of bride, the groom and their respective elders as the date draws close by to secure all the arrangements without any lapses. Any pending jobs will make them feel 'butterflies in stomach' experience. But it is not the virtual butterflies or the butterflies like feeling in the stomach that we are saying here! It is the release of real butterflies.

Western weddings these days are becoming more and trendier with new practices coming into existence. 'Butterfly release' has become the most sought after fad these days, especially at weddings. This practice has almost been replacing the much followed and the erstwhile popular 'Rice Throwing' custom. Throwing rice is now a pass and needless to say the 'butterfly releases' practice has been mostly enticed by the fashion-conscious young brigade of the 20th century.

Most of the modern-day weddings are ending with the butterfly releases as the newlywed couple walks out of the church after the wedding ceremony. As the couple exits the church, many hundreds of butterflies are released slowly into the skies, and we can understand why the new generation is fond of this practice. It is such a lovely seen to watch as the colorful butterflies take flight to the skies and even the couple's photographs with butterflies can be really lovely pieces.

What does Butterfly Releases Symbolizes?

It has several answers but one thing is for sure butterflies do no harm to the environment and they give a classier appearance than rice. Simply they descend colors to the wedding ceremony and add array of colors to the wedding pictures too.

Once the wedding vows are exchanged both bride and the groom will be pronounced as wife and husband and they walk hand in hand to exit the church. At this point they will be given a neatly packed box and asked to open. The emerging colorful butterflies from the box will bring lovely smiles on the couple's face and it's just wonderful to watch to their smiles increase with more and more butterflies emerging out. Soon the entire lounge area will be filled with many butterflies some landing on your hair, some on Ms. Clive's bag, one on the rose you are holding, and it will be a challenge for the wedding photographer to trap each one of them through his lens.

Release of Butterflies represent new life and hope as interpreted and believed. Also some interpret it that the bride and the groom should free their respective individual feelings and expressions. Some easterners are also of the opinion that you tell a wish to a butterfly and it will be fulfilled. As butterflies represent plethora of colors it can be taken that the newlywed couple will enter a saga of colorful and blissful life. When there are so many restrictions in many places for the 'rice throwing tradition', butterfly releases tradition' offers best alternative. So go ahead and release as many butterflies as you want to add myriads of color and beauty to your dream day, but see that your photographer comes prepared to handle this extra load of work.

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